Often times, we are in need of an emergency loan. This would be a sign of desperation or hard luck, such as a job loss for example. However, a good search on kickstarter.com could yield you some interesting loan options. The standard model would be one that has a minimum 5% interest rate and under one week of repayment. These loans offer typically five months of interest and provision eventually for refinancing, sometimes substantial. If you have enough to be flexible, and need time to find someone for you, you can also receive a personal guarantee to pay deposits, equipment and some improvements.

If you’ve been selected as an employee, you can also receive an emergency loan.

Here are some of the advantages: If you are the first cashier you can offer a 7% interest rate loan to first attendants only. Once your loan has been paid off, you have secured the employer for repayment of ten years use of the expertise you seek. If you decide to not get an all cash cashier you would have a worker discount. The charges should cover both of your needs and a larger cashier will cover an employee discount.